Tableaux Électroniques

“Tableaux Électroniques” is a new musical project born in 2020; its purpose is to offer my take on the “remix culture”.

Every piece in the project:

  • is based on themes taken from 2 pieces of the Moods and Modes project. The themes are recorded anew, so they are citations more than remixes (no audio sample is taken from the original).
  • has melodies and background harmonies generally played by acoustic instruments, but their sound is treated by audio effects in a subtle or not so subtle way.
  • has a rhythmic backbone of electronic drums and bass.

Credits for the inspiration of this project goes to the fine folks at the Electronic Music Alliance that showed me how the meeting and melting of the electronic and acoustic worlds can benefit and enrich both of them. And they remixed a bunch of my tracks too! :)

As always, the best way to keep you up to date on the project is to leave your email address in the form below; this will start a monthly conversation between us!

Here’s a super handy table that will keep track of all the pieces composed for the project and links with a link to a webpage for every piece (where you can read a little background on its composition) and a music player to hear it right away. Enjoy!

Volume I

Tracks based on themes taken from Moods and Modes Volume I:

Track name Based on Stream and download Lead instrument
Oil and Water Marilyn and
From Dusk Till Dawn Autumn Sunset and
Sunrise on Mars