Moods and Modes

“Moods and Modes” is my current main musical project; its purpose is to explore the feelings that the different musical scales and modes inspire (to me) by composing a collection of short instrumental tracks. The pieces are inspired by the wonderful improvisation method devised by the late Forrest Kinney.

The best way to keep you up to date on the project is to leave your email address in the form below and I will send you a monthly update with some insight and background on every new song:

I have also collected all the pieces in a single Spotify playlist which you can save to your library if you like:

The pieces are collected in volumes of six songs each; every one can be downloaded at my Bandcamp site.

Here’s a super handy table with a link to a webpage for every piece (where you can read a little background on its composition) and a music player to hear it right away. Enjoy!

Volume I: scales with less than 7 notes

Volume I collects 6 pieces written in musical scales with less than 7 notes:

Scale or Mode Track name Stream and download
Major Pentatonic For the Joy
Minor Pentatonic Sail Away
Blues Scale, straight rhythm Geronimo
Blues Scale, swing rhythm Marilyn
Major Pentascale Sunrise on Mars
Minor Pentascale Autumn Sunset

Volume II: C major and A minor

Volume II collects 6 pieces written in C major and A minor; every piece explores a different mood suggested by the scales.

Scale or Mode Track name Stream and download
C major, serene mood Simple Dreams
C major, latin feel Serenidad
C major with blue note Easy Goin’
A natural minor A Glimmer of Hope
A harmonic minor Scheherazade
A minor mixed mode Sound of Past Moments

Volume III: D Dorian and F Lydian

Volume III collects 6 pieces written in D Dorian (one of my favorite modes) and F Lydian

Scale or Mode Track name Stream and download
D Dorian, renaissance mood Fanfare for a Jester
D Dorian, minimalist mood Clouds on the Road
D Dorian, free jazz mood Door to Elsewhere
D Dorian, ballad mood Gentle Rain
F Lydian, waltz Liaisons Dangereuses
F Lydian, ambient Summer Sky

Volume IV: other modes without accidentals

Volume IV collects 6 pieces written in other modes without accidentals (well, mostly). The first 3 pieces are a short trip around the world, the other 3 a short trip inside a mind.

Scale or Mode Track name Stream and download
E Phrygyan, spanish tinge Duende
E Phrygyan, insen scale Kurai Umi
G Mixolydian, celtic mood Ceilidh
B locrian Changes
C major Blues Don’t Worry
A minor Blues No More Fears

Volume V: G Major

Volume V will probably collect 6 pieces in different moods, all exploring the G major scale.

Scale or Mode Track name Stream and download
G major, playful Come Out and Play Again
G major, ragtime Rags to Riches
G major, jazzy Stay tuned!