Moods and Modes, vol. IV

This fourth act of the Moods and Modes project was finalized during the lockdown, when traveling and exploring could happen only inside your mind.

The first three pieces are an imaginary escape through Spain, Scotland and Japan; while the last three are a journey inside our souls, between the need to change, the desire to chill and relax, the rebellion against our fears.

With this volume IV, Moods and Modes is not a solo project anymore, thanks to the musicians and friends that enriched this recording with the gift of their skills and some shards of their souls, something I will forever be grateful for.

The 6 instrumental pieces complete the journey through the modes of the C major scale, visiting E Phrygian, G Mixolydian, B Locrian, C major blues, A mixed minor.


These are the tracks included on the EP, with the indication of their Mood and Mode:

  1. Duende (live) [Spanish Flamenco + Habanera ; E Phrygyan]
  2. Ceilidh [Scottish Jig; G Mixolydian]
  3. Kurai Umi [Japanese rĂªverie ; E Phrygyan, Insen Scale]
  4. Changes [Neo classical ; B Locrian]
  5. Don’t Worry [Swing ; C Major Blues]
  6. No More Fears [Rock anthem ; A mixed minor]


Valentina Borgato - violin (on tracks 1, 2, 6), viola (on tracks 2,4,6)
Mattia Pecoraro - flute (on tracks 4,6)
Francesco Schibuola - piano (on track 4)
Massimiliano Salvan - recording engineer (on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6)